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Russian blue
Pedigree registration: FIFE

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Imperial Blue Cattery 

A Russian Blue kitten is a special kitten and can't be compare with any other breed for me. They have special place in my heart and they are my beautiful babies.The beautiful color and their emerald eyes will give you a special comfort and peace.
Extremely intelligent breed they are playing fetch and lots of other funny activities 😺 depending of how much attention and time you will give them too.
My kittens are sold just like pet. They will leave their mum between 3-4 months depending on each kitten when will be ready to leave.
I have degree in Pharmacy and I studied University of Pharmacy and Medicine in Bucharest. 

I handle my kittens and cats with extremely care. They don't live in cages or locked.., they are part of our family, sleeping in my bed :) and having much better life then me, the best food and the place in the house. 
We have the most 4 beautiful Russian Blue, originally from Russia with amazing pedigree history! 

I choose the new parents carefully and I need to make sure they will receive the love and attention they deserve. I am sure you will do the same if will be your babies :)


Friendly, elegant, playful ! Anya can play fetch, and she brings me her little mouse when she wants to play, extremely intelligent and very close to us. She bring us lots of love and joy 😻


Olga😻 my very special girl! Extremely elegant and such a lovely personality! Olga ....everyone is in love from the first meeting with Olga as she is a sweet, calm and beautiful girl❤️


Persey 😻 Neutered Can’t thinking of Persey without smiling, he is very sweet and very affectionate with me. He choose me and follow me everywhere 😺 He is jumping like a little pony and running around the house when I am coming home❤️ Good temperament by nature and superb boy, very proud of him and love him so much 😻

  • East Sussex, UK

Russian Blue Cats are our love and passion and we are most trusted cattery in UK, specialized in the breeding of high quality and pure Russian Blue cats.