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Imperial Blue Cattery 

A Russian Blue kitten is a special kitten and can't be compare with any other breed . They have special place in my heart and they are my beautiful babies😻.The beautiful color and their emerald eyes will give you a special comfort and peace.
Extremely intelligent and playful will bring you so much joy😻❤️💙❤️
My kittens are sold just like pet. They will leave their mum between 3-4 months depending on each kitten when will be ready. 
I have degree in Pharmacy and I studied University of Pharmacy and Medicine in Bucharest. 

I handle my kittens and cats with extremely care. They don't live in cages or locked.., they are part of our family, sleeping in my bed :) and having much better life then me, the best food and the best place in the house. I consider myself their slave 😻❤️❤️❤️😻